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Today's business leaders seek to increase revenues in the competitive marketplace. Identifying Sales solutions that provide short-term impact and sustainable strategic advantage are often precluded by limited resources, new or inexperienced teams and/or sheer time to implement. The result is lost sales opportunity, revenue and business risk.

Charlesview Management Group (CMG) will help you meet sales challenges with action plans and programs that will deliver long-term measurable results.

CMG is a consulting practice that focuses on the establishment and execution of sales strategies and organizational development. We help assess current business relative to the marketplace and develop strategies for success. We work to supplement and enhance individual managers' abilities to function as a cohesive team that is in concert with the attainment of corporate goals and objectives. Tangible, measurable indicators of success will be the standard.

CMG facilitates a process that will identify and address critical issues impacting growth and business development. Drawing upon the senior management expertise of its founders, Charlesview Management Group can become your strategic partner for mission critical issues. The collaborative engagement will include: key stakeholders, a current assessment, generate ideas and input, analyze options, and develop recommended action plans.

Through our ‘road map to success’, CMG will define individual responsibilities with measurable objectives that blend internal resources for a . . . TEAM oriented success! EXPERIENCE OUR EXPERIENCE!

  • Channel Analysis / Development
  • Compensation Programs
  • Projection / Forecast Development
  • Sales Team Objectives
  • Sales Performance Improvement
  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Strategic / Tactical Business Plans

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