Charlesview Management Group’s (CMG) Network and Telecommunication Services Division collectively brings 60+ years of experience to the engagement. This experience, background and documented record of success, when integrated with the business principles of our consulting practice, makes us uniquely qualified to act as a Customer Advocate in a dynamic and ever-changing technological landscape.

Our Service Offer portfolio is applications driven and extremely robust as we represent major network providers. We also work with CPE suppliers and will act as your Project Management Team to facilitate an end-to-end solution.

Service areas include: Traditional Data, VPN’s, IP, VoIP, traditional Voice services and eCommerce solutions. However, unlike a “pure-play” Agent, we present a different business model as we focus on documented business solutions for our clients business problems.

Any and all categories, including: communications technology, Project Management, billing, contracts, expense analysis, service, etc…are areas where we have added value for our clients.

We can become your single source solutions provider!

The “technology landscape” is littered with account representative turnover, confusing offers, price and technology disparity and, in some extreme instances, bankruptcies. If you would like a dedicated, single point of contact, who’ll make the commitment necessary to understand your business needs and deliver effective solutions, Charlesview Management Group is the solution you are looking for.

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