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Given the uncertainty of today’s marketplace, external and/or internal factors often necessitate that decision makers pursue a new solution.  Examples could include change management, process improvements or a new technology. Any one of the solutions might be required for the firm to compete, stabilize a present position and/or grow.

While studies are underway and potential solutions are being evaluated, the “clock is running”. Often a decision is made when time-to-implement has become both immediate and urgent. Consequently, you find yourself responsible for a project with a “time sensitive” deadline! 

The selected solution should provide benefit. Yet, lack of resource, limited subject-matter expertise or a shortened time-frame could exacerbate the very problem it is intended to solve. When you encounter an urgent, time-sensitive “solution” that requires Project Management, CMG can be an extension of your company. Our 8-step process is effective and proven:

  • Meet with Senior Management to understand expectations, objectives and define Project Scope

  • Develop Plan Guidelines and Procedures that align with business expectations and objectives

  • Marshall and coordinate all required resources

  • Identify and assign specific, measurable, individual and realistic (SMIR) responsibilities

  • Establish and measure milestones

  • Implement and audit a time-line

  • Conduct status meetings and/or calls (as required) for the duration of the Project

  • Provide regularly scheduled updates to Senior Management

CMG’s Project Management allows Senior Management to effectively deliver business solutions to business problems. When “roadblocks” prevent flawless execution and implementation call for a free consultation.

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